Jeetvedic Care Limited

Jeetvedic Care is a direct selling company started after years of hard work and success by an experienced team. Its objective is to market and distribute a range of high quality products used in daily life to consumers through its network of Direct Sellers. After a great success in our traditional business, it is our biggest vow today to help people reach the heights of success through our compensation plan.

Core Values

Jeetvedic believes in doing an ethical business by following the rules framed by the Consumer Affairs Ministry. Jeetvedic assures its users that it will never allow any unethical act against them. With determination, commitment, product quality assurance and high technology, jeetvedic will always guide you in a better way. We always say one thing that for us we are not more important than our core values. Our core values have always been and will remain paramount.


Taking people on the path of financial freedom by giving them a source of additional income, where they can live with their family on their own terms.


Taking this campaign of economic freedom not only in our country but also abroad, we have decided to set an example in the direct selling industry in the world.


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